A holistic medicine clinic based on the precepts of Tibetan Medical Science

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About HHC

Holistic Health Consulting, LLC is a holistic health clinic based on the precepts of Tibetan Medical Science, namely the therapeutic tenet that Diet and Lifestyle interventions are crucial in determining an individual’s overall health.

We have no machines for testing. The diagnostic methods employed are centuries-old, time tested and scientifically proven traditional skills such as pulse diagnosis, tongue examination, pressure point determination, et cetera.

For therapy, in addition to Diet and Lifestyle modifications, patients are instructed on how to concoct personalized medicines from natural food-based ingredients. Accessory therapies such as massage and heat compression may also be performed, in conjunction with the aforementioned therapies, if necessary.

Our services are for any and all diseases, from the common to the extremely complex. All services are tailored to fit the needs of the individual and are by appointment only.



"Diet and Lifestyle interventions are the most important of physiological therapeutic interventions, effecting a more complete change than both medicines and accessory therapies."


Sowa Rigpa

The term ‘Tibetan Medical Science’ is here used to refer to Sowa Rigpa, Tibetan for “The Knowledge of Healing.” Its textual basis is a 5900 word treatise which serves as the authoritative canon of Tibetan Medicine, called “The Four Tantras” (for short), or by its long name: “The Secret Transmission on the Eight Branches of Immortality.”

The text is a poetic chef d’oeuvre, most of which is set in 9 syllable meter of question and answer between the Medicine Buddha’s two avatars: a speech emanation, ‘He That is Born From the Mind,’ and a heart emanation, ‘He Who is Awake.’ What ensues is a 4-part treatise on medical science: the basis of health, disease, diagnosis and therapy. Each tantra is complete in its own right, though each subsequent one more elaborate than the next. Parts of the canon have been translated from the original Tibetan into many languages, notably, the entire first, second, and fourth tantras. The third, and largest tantra, has, to my knowledge, not yet been translated in full. Below are excerpts from each one of the four tantras of Sowa Rigpa, in ascending order from left to right.


Health Tips

The following are general guidelines that most everyone can benefit from to maintain or re-establish health. Of course, there are exceptions, but by and large, these apply to any and everyone.

1. If the stomach were divided in 4, fill only 1 part with solid food and 2 with liquid, most of that being water. Always leave 1 part empty for digestion.

2. Most people should be drinking about 1.5 to 2 quarts of water a day; more if they smoke, are pregnant, or customarily drink many diuretics like coffee or alcohol, etc., or perspire a lot with heat and exercise. There is no substitute for plain water…

3. Make a concerted effort to eat real food. Artificial ingredients, preservatives and sweeteners are difficult for the system to metabolize and assimilate. Do take the time to read labels, not for the caloric or fat content, but to see if the ingredients are natural or not.

4. Make a colorful plate. It can be challenging to balance the 6 tastes, 8 powers and 17 characteristics in your daily diet, notwithstanding within a single meal. The good news: you don’t even have to know what those are to achieve this. Simply strive to get a diverse array of tastes, colors and textures on your plate.

5. Minimize categorical bans. Many of us impose hard rules on ourselves by cutting entire categories of food or drink out of our diets. Not eating any sugar, not eating any gluten, not eating any meat, et cetera. It is not impossible to be perfectly healthy while doing this, but with heavy restrictions, or very picky eating habits, it may prove very challenging to maintain a proper balance of energies.

6. Eat only a moderate amount of animal products: meats and milk, especially. The reason for this being that our earth is heavily polluted, at present, and toxins from this environmental pollution accumulate up the food chain. This makes animal products by and large tainted, as these pollutants are more concentrated in them.

7. Most everyone can benefit from a moderate amount of exercise and deep breathing exercises. Walking is the king of exercises as it can be performed by young and old, strong and weak, and with great benefit.

8. Try to keep a positive perspective and pursue what excites you most in life.

And that’s it! Adherence to these general guidelines will re-establish and help maintain both physical and psychological health for any and everyone.